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The story

Metaverse Summit 2023 Virtual Couture is an avant-garde fusion of NEON and futuristic fashion, designed to immerse attendees in a visually stunning and immersive digital experience. This cutting-edge collection of wearables is not only fashion-forward but also fully compatible with augmented reality (AR) technology.
Each piece of Virtual Couture is meticulously crafted with sleek, luminous materials that emit a vibrant neon glow, creating an otherworldly aura. These garments and accessories are a true reflection of the Metaverse's futuristic aesthetic.
Each Virtual Couture piece is tied to a unique NFT (Non-Fungible Token), making them collectible digital assets. Owners can showcase their NFTs within the Metaverse, further enhancing their digital presence.



How can I use this NFT?


AR Dressing

Wear this item digitally in AR in the DRESSX app

Unique media

NFT Artwork

Download the 4K rendered animation or stills