IoDF The Fashion Awards 2022 Tier 1





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The story

Tier 1 Utilities Include: Bespoke Digital Dressing with the IoDF Co-Founder's Avatars + Decentraland Skin + AR in App + MetaLook

“IoDF's latest activation continues a conversation about making the metaverse increasingly accessible, an ever-evolving dialogue. Collectively we have the power to lay the foundations of this new space, which has a seismic potential: for sustainability, for creativity, for authorship, but above all for the economic growth of creative industries and individuals, giving birth to new models previously unimaginable." - Vogue Italia: An Exclusive Digital Red Carpet At The 2022 Fashion Awards

Worn by celebrities such as Black Peppa, Christine Quinn, Raye, Jodie Turner-Smith, Alva Claire, and Paloma Elsesser.

How can I use this NFT?

Get Metalook

Get an editorial-quality photo of you wearing this item


AR Dressing

Wear this item digitally in AR in the DRESSX app

Unique media

NFT Artwork

Download the 4K rendered animation or stills


Decentraland Skin

This skin will appear in the account connected to your wallet